In The Beginning…

Soooo in the beginning was the word and the word was…meant to be read!  HAHA see what I did there???  Anyways, this is my start to a new addition to my favorite hobby.  Like many young females, well most females I have recently discovered, I like to read.  To be honest like is an understatement according to everyone who knows me.  I mean what is better than getting caught up in a wonderful story that takes you on emotional roller coasters, pondering puzzles, or even educational teachings.  Literature-ly  (haha another funny) I can spend 24 hours reading and not wish to do anything else other than switch positions in my chair.  With all that being said I am finally fulfilling my goal and starting my book blog.  I hope others will join me in discussing or just reading my remarks on books that I have had the privilege to read.  I may stray from just book talk because I am random and it happens but I hope it is enjoyable.



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