NEWS!  One of my favorite authors, Jamie McGuire, has been announcing a new upcoming novel of hers. Author of the newest Red Hill, novella Beautiful Wedding, Walking Disaster, Beautiful Disaster, and Providence Trilogy McGuire will be releasing  a new Sci-Fi romance titled Apolonia (according to amazon debuting June 4th).

McGuire is known for action building, emotions, tension, and deep character relationships that have any reader sucked in. Though McGuire is a young adult romance author. Apolonia will have a little bit more steaminess than her previous works. Like all of her novels I expect nothing less than perfection.  Her writing is very well done, her characters are complex, and her stories always have some heart wrenching action.  Each character forms a place in my heart and THEY WILL NEVER LEAVE!

Jamie McGuire is great and I hope you will take a look!

Apolonia’s descriptions:

“APOLONIA features college sophomore Rory Riorden. She isn’t your typical pretty heroine. She has piercings, wears a lot of black and gray, and pretty much hates everybody. An orphan since high school, she feels it’s dangerous to get close to anyone. Other than her professor Dr. Zorba, and the irritatingly persistent and good-looking Benji Reynolds (if you like the preppy, too happy type with a surprisingly amazing body), Rory has achieved loner status. That is, until Cy walks through the classroom door.

Cy is an international student, fresh from Egypt. His warm skin and golden eyes make Rory forget that she loathes him, even though he’s brilliant and they’re competing for the same research assistant spot. But when Cy finds himself in serious trouble with some very powerful people, Rory’s traumatic past makes her uniquely qualified to save him. A girl who doesn’t need anyone but finds that the entire world will need her to survive.” (found on McGuire’s website:  http://www.jamiemcguire.com/blog/2014/1/11/about-apolonia)


Lastly, McGuire is a great author due to her interaction with her readers.  Please check her on twitter @JamieMcGuire  , facebook Author Jamie Mcguire  , and of course her website http://www.jamiemcguire.com/  for all information on her books, signings, and news!  Who knows she might message you back, it’s happened to me 🙂

PS- I will have reviews about McGuire’s previous titles later (trust me I can’t NOT write about her works).


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