Surrender Series

For a very long time I have battled with the idea of getting a kindle.  I love buying books and holding them in my hands while turning the pages.  My best friend and his family bought me a kindle as a graduation gift and I AM OBSESSED!  After getting it I loved the access to so many free books.  Though  I still buy new releases I can keep up on small named books that might get looked over.

While searching on my kindle I found an interesting series. The Surrender Series by Melody Anne.

Surrender Submit

Seduced Scorched

Bio and more information can be found here:

Now a NY Times Best Seller, this young romance series focuses on three couples.  Each story is chalked full with fun stuff, from steamy romance scenes to action packed stunts these books just keep going.  At some point I thought it just wouldn’t stop but I became so wrapped up in the stories that I just had to finish.  There was some controversy with some other reviews of this series.  It has been determined that most readers will either hate or love them.  However, each book needs a chance and I really enjoyed all of them.

Each couple within the series is different compared to the next.  But each love story is an interesting journey and fun to follow.  So check this series out and see what you think for yourself.


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