Not too long ago I picked up Bo Burnham’s book of poetry titled Egghead, Or You Can’t Survive On Ideas Alone and let me tell…it is amazing!


I briefly mentioned him in the past, in one post that you can find here>

Originally a stand up comic Bo has brought amazing knowledge to his comedy and his literature work, such as poetry, is amazing he is literally a word genius.  If you have not then you definitely should go and grab his poetry book.  He is new fresh, modern, clever, and down right funny.  From alliteration through the entirety of poetic techniques all the way to simplistic rhyme sprinkled with some truth Bo does it all!

Here is a small glimpse as to what you will find:

<p>If you’re looking for a book that can make you laugh while also slapping you in the face with some truth-talk, you should check out Egghead: Or, You Can’t Survive on Ideas Alone.<br />
It’s a book of poems and illustrations that really make you realize how not fucked up your life is compared to others, and also is just randomly hilarious.<br />
Bo Burnham is so brilliant.<br />

For more info on Bo:

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