The Red Diary

Last year after I finished 50 Shades, Beautiful Disaster, Banks’ Sweet Series and other big releases that took the romance reading women of the world by storm, I felt lost.  I still wanted something that was just as good but was not having luck.  In hopes of finding something to occupy my reading time I trotted off to the book store prepared to journey through the endless stacks.

I was however not prepared to find an older romance novel that was tucked away in the “pocket romance novels” you know, the ones you see little old women reading with the masculinity sexual over eccentric covers.  Well one caught my eye because it looked nothing like that HAHA.

The book was Toni Blake’s The Red Diary

“When Nick Armstrong finds the red diary, he’s shocked…and aroused. Here, in intimate detail, prim and proper Lauren Ash records her most secret fantasies. He knows he should never read it again, but the temptation is too hard to resist. Never before has he come across anything so private-or so sensual. Never before has he found such a potent weapon for righting an old wrong.

His strategy: seduce her, make her fall in love, then break her heart. He’ll be her dream lover in the flesh, weaving an erotic spell to free the passionate woman inside her. But Lauren is casting her own tantalizing magic, forcing him to let go of the past and surrender to her body and soul” (good reads book bio).

Nick and Lauren are your generic Romance couple.  When you think Romance novel you think them.  Their relationship is steamy and somewhat forbidden but it is an enjoyable journey.

Blake originally published in, I believe, 2004 but refurbished and released in 2013.  Bringing that original Romance feel and adding some realistic formality Blake delivers a great read with a steamy connection and a small amount of tension and action that makes The Red Diary a fun read that should satisfy!

I have currently picked up another one of her books that I will venture to later.  But take a look and check out The Red Diary for yourself.

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