Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

If you have not already noticed today was the premiere of the official Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.  Set to makes its debut on the big screen Valentine’s Day of 2015; the trailer does indeed pack a punch.

I felt that it was shown pretty well except like every trailer you feel like you see the movie, however there is so much to be expected with this film.  I am, however, worried that it will be difficult for this movie to really make the impact that it needs due to the actual content of  the book and what it centers around.  With that said I am hoping and possibly feel that it will be done tastefully.  Like every book that becomes a film, the book will most likely be better, I mean your own imagination creates the best image alone.

The movie settings and location depiction, from what was scene, looks to really hit home with those of the book and that I think that is important.  As for Grey and Steele casting, I don’t know if they will do the roles justice.  OBVIOUSLY! Grey is not real and honestly there is no REAL man who can be him.  I am hoping that body language and expression will compensate.

I believe, this might be my first kind of negative post HAHA but that is not my intention.  I am VERY much looking for ward to the film and will definitely be going to see it, I mean COME ONE, you HAVE to, ESPECIALLY if you read the books.

I am OBSESSED with the song that covers the trailer and I CAN’T wait to hear the movie’s soundtrack if Beyoncé has something to do with it.  The song was perfectly fitting.

Check the trailer and see for yourself:

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