Captivated By You

Over the course of the past four years or so, Sylvia Day has published many books.  Ones that have made the headlines most,  is her Crossfire Series.  Her most recent release is the fourth book, from Crossfire Series, Captivated By You.

Captivated by You

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While reading through this series some of you have seen my reactions previously in my reviews: Bared To YouReflected In YouEntwined With YouI am happy to report that I am finally rooting for Gideon and Eva.  Before Captivated By You I have never in my life hated two characters together as much as these two.  There lack of common sense was astounding.  However, the devotion that Gideon and Eva share toward one another is a beautiful thing.

Day has done an amazing job of taking her readers on crazy roller coasters.  From anger to finally happiness Day makes it worth while.  More importantly, Day brings up an interesting topic.  Both Gideon and Eva suffer from hard beginnings in life.  As a result both regularly attend therapy.  I am a supporter of therapy but most of all I am a huge supporter of communication whether it be with a professional, friends, family, or loved ones.  Overall, communication is the only thing that will bring trust and honesty as well as serenity to your life.  Gideon and Eva have bad communication, well technically Gideon haha but its an overall problem. Please, definitely check out the Crossfire Series because Captivated By You makes the series worth. I am ready for the next installment.

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Game of Thrones: tv

I have just started watching the highly loved show, Game of Thrones. And believe me there is a reason this show is as good as it has become.

First the show is based off amazing novels that are literary wonders just like that of Tolkien. Second the show is gruesome, raw, ravishing, and unbelievably well done. If you have not already jumped on board then you should. Now there is always argument as to why so many die within the series but there are always reasons for everything. With plot twists, battles, and strong female leads the show is metaphorically beautiful. Love this show and will definitely be reading the books.