Keep Me Safe

I know I am a little late on this post since the book came out last October but I believe that you “meet” books at certain times just like you “meet” special people in your life time.  Keep Me Safe, A Slow Burn Series novel, is written by one of my favs Maya Banks.


Keep Me Safe Book Bio

Let me start by saying I have never read this type of book.  Now the book is a Romance however I believe it to be more paranormal, mystery/thriller style.  Of course I use those words lightly.  The book centers around a young female who has psychic abilities.  Sounds pretty cool right!  Well it starts to get freaky, not graphically but Banks really allows your mind to travel its own imagination road and come up with some scary, unsettling stuff.  I sadly made the mistake and read this book while I was house sitting alone.  I didn’t sleep very well HA!

The relationship that develops between the too main characters is insanely fast! And faster than your normal “heat-in-the-moment” “love-at-first-sight” type of stories.  But the twist is so good and I ended up getting so caught up in it that my palms were sweating.  It was a nice break from the traditional Romance of meet>fall in love>fight>make up>happily ever after.

With any books whether it be a children’s book or some article there is always something to earned from a story.  Keep Me Safe focuses heavily on being worthy to be loved.  Both characters assume they have done to much wrong or posses so much hardship that love is not an option for them.  However, the most scared people are the most thankful and cherish good when they find it.  No matter what you have done or have experienced in your life love is always here waiting for you in so many forms.  Never look down upon yourself, you are worthy of so much, love being one of the many.

Luckily, Banks has more coming and her second novel, In His Keeping, is already outSo definitely check it out!

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