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Hi! I’m CarolineLine, and I have finally fulfilled my small dream of starting a book blog.

I am a recent college grad who should have majored in English but made it my Minor instead. Obviously, I love reading and am excited to blog away about Literature.

Besides reading I enjoy art, tv/movies, cooking, and listen to music constantly.  I am pretty much up for anything but am not a morning person no matter how early I go to bed the night before (maybe I love dreaming too much).  As a person I am friendly, pretty darn funny, and outgoing.  I’m a bit nerdy and love humor.

Random Facts:I have a Calico cat and a Golden Retriever.  I do not like anything pumpkin flavored (sorry) but I love pickles.  I own a goldfish decorated cup that freaks people out.

So, feel free to look around and enjoy my eclectic array of discussions.

You can also find me on twitter: @LineByLineBkBlg

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