Abandoned Library: Berkyn Manor Library

In honor of the scary holiday, Halloween, here are some cool and creepy, yet sad photos of abandoned libraries.



This library was home to John Milton and resides in the English countryside.


Series Vs. Individual

I have a quick question for you book blog readers out there.

When you read a blog that is talking about a series do you prefer a review about the series as a whole or do you prefer a post about each individual book within the series?

So I need your help please answer the poll below!


Okay so I am currently working through a good book on top of some extra college courses. So writing some posts are being put on the back burner. However, in my down time when I have no mental capacity to write or read I have been watching stand up comedy. Now, I love stand up comedy. It always makes me laugh and I find comic’s creativity something to behold. There is one comic in particular that everyone should watch or listen to at least once and his first name is only two letters.

Bo Burnham is a young 20 something year old who has made words his bitch. I mean Burnham’s grammar, literature, and contextual ability blows my mind. He takes stand up to a whole new level.  Not only are his words complex but he is a brutally honest comic who raises so many social/media issues.

Burnham recently released another special called “what.” You can find it on youtube and netflix.  His comedy central special “words, words, words” can still be found on netflix,  I believe. His poetry titled “Egghead” is also available.

So do yourself a flippin favor and check him out if you haven’t.  Love his stuff.  Not to mention his songs will get stuck in your head.